USPC - Russell and Morgan Factories, ca. 1895. The earliest Russell & Morgan Factories Ace of Spades. The Joker depicted a King with a jester-type hat, riding a bicycle past an 808 milestone. The US8b joker is identical to the one issued with the US8aa decks, and very similar to the one issued with the later US8d decks, but generally more detailed than the latter. Some boxes are the same as the tuck case used for the earlier US8aa decks.

The last four images show the very rare Krupps deck, which you can read about on the Racer No. 1 page.

Back Designs Issued in this Style:

 1. Acorn
11. Autocycle No. 1
21. Cupid (Sod)
21. Cupid (Crosshatch)
22. Cyclist No. 1
28. Emblem
29. Expert
35. League (No Border)
35. League
37. Lotus
46. Model No. 1
56. New Fan
57. Old Fan
58, Pedal
59. Pneumatic No. 1
61. Racer No. 1
63. Rider
65. Safety
67. Sprocket No. 1
74. Thistle (Grass)
74. Thistle (Brick)
76. Tri-Tire No. 1
80. Wheel No. 1

[list in formation]