ca. 1926 - Present

United States Playing Card Co. US8e, the last of the standard Bicycle Aces is still in use today, albeit with minor variations. With this design, USPCC finally stripped their famous Bicycle ace of almost all of its character.

In addition to the usual ace of spades and jokers pictured below there are two very interesting boxes. The first is from the collection of Rod Starling and this is the only example of this box that I have ever seen. The back is identical to the front and there is none of the typical information printed on the tops, sides or flap; all other surfaces are blank. The deck is a red Lotus back, and the W production code indicates a manufacturing date of 1936. Included with the deck is an International Contract Bridge Score card dated March 31, 1935.

The second box is one of a pair (one blue, one red) that I purchased on eBay in 2016. The seller had two or three examples, but this is the first and only time I have ever seen these interesting boxes. The tax stamp on the box was in use from 1940-1965.