This simplified version of the Bicycle ace of spades with no mention of Russell & Morgan Factories was issued in 1899 (revised from 1900 based on dating codes found on US8d aces of spades). This deck was printed with redesigned pips and face cards, an elegant slender sans serif font for the card numbers and initials, along with a slightly simplifed version of the Jester Hat Joker of US8b. US8d jokers have cross-hatching for the grass and shrubs, while the similar US8b and US8aa jokers have a more naturalistic grass and shrubbery. This Ace was not used for a long period, perhaps only a few years. Many different Bicycle decks were issued from 1910 to 1925 but always with the US8c Ace and corresponding joker.

Five US8d back designs were issued with a special box that included a small image of the back design printed in green ink inside the flap, along with the name of the back:
      Auto No. 1
      Auto No. 2
      Autobike No. 1     (incliudes an example of the box)
      Automobile No. 1 (includes an example of the box)
      Motorcycle No. 1

Two interesting variations of the US8d ace have surfaced recently, both "Copyrighted 1900" and issued as special aces for the "Locomobile" back designs, later called "Auto No. 1" and "Auto No. 2." Examples of both are paired with the Locomobile box, below.

The last image, below, is of a box consistent in style with boxes typically found with US8 or US8a decks inside. The one pictured is paired with a gold edged US8d deck, which illustrates that there are many odd combinations of cards and boxes out there, some the result of collectors pairing orphans, and others the result of packaging decisions at the original source. Hard to say which accounts for this one, but the presence of a GE deck suggests that this may well have been a factory decision.