1905 - 1925

The most common of the older Bicycle decks. Early versions were produced in both Ivory (smooth) and Air Cushion (linen or textured) finish. Later decks were only available in Air Cushion finish.

On top of all the other variations, some early US8c decks were also issued with smaller indices on the face cards. A comparison of the two different styles can be seen in the first image below (thanks to Steve Bowling). Following are examples of US8c aces of spades, jokers and different box designs and colors.

Back Designs Available in this Style:

All Wheel                       Auto No. 2
Auto No. 3                     Autobike No. 3
Autocycle No. 2           Automobile No. 1
Automobile No. 2           Big Gun
Chainless                      Club
Cupid (Crosshatch)    Dreadnaught
Emblem                         Expert
Flying Ace                     Handlebar
Invincible                      Lantern No. 2
League                         Oak Leaf
Lotus                              Mobile No. 2
Model No. 1                  Model No. 2
Motor No. 2                   Motorcar
Motorcycle No. 1        Motorette No. 2
Nautic                          New Fan
Pneumatic No. 2            Racer No. 2
Rider                              Saddle
Safety                          Snowflake
Sprocket No. 1            Stag
Star Plaid No. 2           Tangent No. 1
Tangent No. 2              Thistle (Brick)
Tri-Plaid                      Tri-Tire No. 2
Wheel No. 1                 Wheel No. 2

[list in formation]