United States Printing Co. (USPn.), c1891. This Ace, discovered since the original Hochman Encyclopedia was issued, answers the question of whether the U.S. Printing Co. published Bicycle decks with a USPn. Ace of Spades. The deck came with the Joker shown below, which is identical to the US8b joker, and very similar to the US8d joker. I only have one US8aa deck with an original joker, a blue Wheel No. 1.

Finding any back design issued with this ace is extremely difficult. The US8aa boxes are even harder to find as they were made with a particularly brittle and acidic cardboard which just gets more fragile with time.

The final image, below, is of a very rare US8aa box that was presumably issued with a "seconds" quality deck of cards. Bicycle Seconds were offered through the years, sometimes with a special ace of clubs or a rubber stamp on the card.

Back Designs Issued in this Style:

  3. Angel
21. Cupid (Sod)
28. Emblem
37. Lotus
56. New Fan
65. Safety
80. Wheel No. 1

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