This design is probably the rarest of all Bicycle decks. Only a couple of full decks are known to exist, and it was not included in Mrs. Robinson's comprehensive catalogue of Bicycle cards in 1955.

Gene Hochman, in his extraordinary Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards, called this newly discovered early Bicycle deck "Oak Leaf." But, there was already a deck known as "Oak Leaf" -- number 36 in Mrs. Robinson's pamphlet for Bicycle card collectors. Robinson, however, inexplicably called that deck "Leaf," even though it is always shown as "Oak Leaf" on the original box. The rival Oak Leaf deck can be seen HERE, or by clicking on "36" on the home page of this site. In an attempt to avoid further confusion, I call the deck on this page "Leaf," and #36 by its original and correct name, "Oak Leaf."

  81. Wheel No. 2                                          1. Acorn  

The Leaf Back with original high wheel Best Bower joker and ace of spades