Introduced in 1914. Discontinued in 1932. Technically, this is not a plaid at all as the dictionary defines a plaid as different colors arranged in a crossbarred pattern (as in a Scottish tartan). A very rare back design, which is somewhat surprising given its long run. Blue singles are scarce, and complete decks in either color are seldom seen.

A collector friend writes, "I have a sample book that probably represents the 1918 edition, based upon the latest back design copyright of 1917. What I found interesting here is that Western Plaid, Snowflake, Star Plaid No. 1 and Tri-Plaid were all available simultaneously under both Bicycle and their Army & Navy #3032 brand, all in red and blue."

A red Western Plaid single sold on eBay for $53 on November 19, 2016. A blue Western Plaid single sold on eBay for $62 on April 8, 2017. The same day a red single sold for $17.

   78. Twig                                            80. Wheel No. 1  

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