Introduced in 1907. Discontinued in 1908. First called Coral (my notes indicate that this was in 1904, but I'm not sure why). This is a very rare deck. I have never seen singles offered for sale, but I do have one complete deck in blue.

A collector friend writes: "I believe Twig to have been a very short-lived back design for the Bicycle brand. The first reference I found for it is a sample card in one of my early Bicycle accordion folders where it is shown as Coral. I found another in a different accordion, ca.1906-1907 based on the other back designs in the folder, where it is called Twig. This back, however, is not shown in either the 12th edition of the United States Playing Card Company's Official Rules of Card Games, c.1904, for 1904-1906 or the 13th edition, c.1907, for 1907-1908. Nor is it shown as one of the 37 available designs in the 1908 sample book, so I am curious to know just when it was offered. Each of these editions pictures or mentions all of the 37 back designs that were available at that time. I do not know why there would be an apparent discrepancy between the backs contained in the accordion folders and those shown in the Rules books. Twig is not shown as one of the 38 available designs in either the 1911 or 1914 edition of the Rules book."

  77. Tri-Tire No. 2                                      79. Western Plaid  

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