Introduced in 1898. Discontinued in 1905. One of several decks featuring the logo of the League of American Wheelmen as the central motif. Please see the entry for League back (No. 35) for a more detailed discussion of this design element. This is one of several decks that were subsequently issued in modified form to replace the one-way three-winged design with a symmetrical four winged motif. Please click on the link below to see the design that replaced this deck: Tri-Tire No. 2.

Very nice examples of Tri-Tire No. 1 show up from time to time, but I have never seen a deck for sale in an original box.

This deck was one of a number of USPC Bicycle designs that was also released in the United Kingdom. Below is an image of a UK sleeve box. This is a recent purchase, and the obverse of the box will be posted here soon.

A red Tri-Tire No. 1 US8b joker sold on eBay for $50 on October 28, 2016. That is a reasonable price for a hard to find joker. A red US8b Tri-Tire No. 1 ace of spades sold on eBay for $38.00 on January 21, 2017. A blue Tri-Tire No. 1 sample card sold on eBay for $40.00 on February 20, 2017. A VG blue US8b Tri-Tire No. 1 deck sold on eBay for $69 on May 17, 2017.

  75. Tri-Plaid                                            77. Tri-Tire No. 2  

The United Kingdom issue (1899)