Introduced in 1895. Discontinued in 1907. Tangent No. 1 is an attractive patterned back design that is easiest to find in its US8d iteration. Scarce in US8b and hard to find in US8c.

The two cards shown on the top of the page, featuring a larger wheel in the center of the card, represent a variant of Tangent No. 1 that was discovered very recently. I shall call it Tangent No. 1a. A comparison of the two designs can be found below. Interesting to note that the wings on the wheel in the two different versions face opposite directions; it's the first time I've seen that happen when a Bicycle design has been revised.

Also pictured below is a September 1895 promotional advertisement from a trade journal, in which the USPC announces three new back designs, "Model," "Racer," and "Tangent." The rare version of Tangent is pictured, which leads me to conclude that this was the earliest version of the back design published (US8b). The design was most certainly revised before the US8d release.

A blue Tangent No. 1a single sold on eBay for $25 on November 15, 2016. A US8d Tangent No. 1 ace of spades sold on eBay for $27 on February 4, 2017. A blue US8d Tangent No. 1 joker sold on eBay for $13 on March 21, 2017. A red US8b Tangent No. 1 joker sold on eBay for $50 on May 13, 2017.

  71. Star Plaid No. 2                                73. Tangent No. 2  

A comparison between Tangent No. 1 and Tangent No. 1a. Note the wings facing opposite directions.

An advertisement for some new Bicycle designs, including Tangent 1a, 1895.
From the collection of Maxime Heriauld