Introduced in 1908. Discontinued in 1910. This is a rare deck, and one of three figural two-tone designs that was released solely in the United Kingdom. The other two designs are Chain and Handlebar. According to Mrs. Robinson, each of these designs was manufactured in only a single print run, which would certainly contribute to their rarity.

Complete Saddle decks are very rare, but singles of both colors appear on eBay with some regularity and they usually sell for less than $10.

While virtually all of the UK issues came in cardboard sleeve boxes or tuck boxes that appear to have been made overseas, Saddle was issued in a standard Bicycle tuck box as well as the sleeve box. While this might suggest that it was issued in the United States, one of only two examples that I am aware of was purchased from a dealer in France. See the photograph below.

  63. Rider                                                 65. Safety