Introduced in 1906. Discontinued in 1970, but was released again in the 1980's or 90's as a regular issue, and as a pinochle deck (see the second image, below). Racer No. 2 is a common deck in red and blue and has been a mainstay of many a poker game over the years. While original decks are easily found in the more common colors, complete decks of Racer No. 2 are very rare in green and brown. Brown singles are not difficult to find, but green ones are seldom seen.

Pictured below is a comparison between Racer No. 2 and one of two different back designs used for No. 41 Vanity Fair, the United States Playing Card Company's first true transformation deck (ca. 1895, Hochman T11, shown on page 208 of the Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards). The similarities between the two designs are striking, even in the background pattern.

  61. Racer No. 1                                               63. Rider  

A comparison between Racer No. 2 and No. 41 Vanity Fair.
This Vanity Fair back design was available in blue and green versions.

A later issue of Racer No. 2 as a pinochle deck