Introduced in 1899. Discontinued in 1917. Pedal is a whimsical back design that joins Chain , (Chainless), Handlebar, Lantern, Saddle, and Sprocket in celebrating one small part of the common bicycle. Note the tiny pedals that serve as a border design, and the four pedals drawn in perspective in the center. Altogether a very pleasing design.

Pedal decks appear from time to time, but the deck is difficult to find in its original box in any of its iterations. The 1917 end date suggests that it was manufactured well into the US8c years, but I have never seen a US8c issue of Pedal. The only US8b Pedal deck I have seen is a Seconds deck. When you find Pedal, it will most likely be in its US8d version.

After examining a few singles, I made the following observations. Like a few other essentially symmetrical back designs, Pedal has an extremely subtle "one-way" design element: the nut in the center of the card has an inner shading on one side only. But, another single I looked at had no shading in the center nut, suggesting that this small error was eventually corrected. Interestingly, the card with the corrected design had a linen finish and thicker numbers on the face, both consistent with a later US8c release. See a comparison of the two cards, below.

Pedal is one of several decks that was reissued as part of USPCC's Heritage Series. See the last image, below.

A US8d blue Pedal Seconds deck in G+ condition sold on eBay for $63 on November 20, 2016. What's a Seconds deck? A blue US8d Pedal deck in VG- condition (no box, no joker) sold on eBay for $44.00 on February 19, 2017. A blue US8c Pedal ace of spades sold on eBay for $23 on June 10, 2017.

  57. Old Fan                                    59. Pneumatic No. 1  

The old (l.) and newer versions of Pedal. Note the change to the nut at the center of the card.

The Heritage Series Reissue of Pedal.