Introduced in 1914. Discontinued in 1917. A rare back design. Red decks and singles seem to be the hardest to find.

Mrs. Robinson erroneously showed this deck as "Motorcycle No. 1." The deck she called Motorcycle No. 2 is clearly an earlier issue, so I have switched them. Thanks to a fellow collector for pointing out this mistake. Let me add that the resources I have at my fingertips today (including instant access to the knowledge and collections of other enthusiasts) enable me to easily research many of the nuances of the manufacture and history of Bicycle cards. For Mrs. Robinson to have achieved the high level of accuracy in her pamphlet in 1955 is admirable, indeed.

A blue Motorcycle No. 2 single sold on eBay on October 29, 2016 for $21. I would expect a red single to fetch a considerably higher price.

  51. Motorcycle No. 1                          53. Motorette No. 1  

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