Introduced in 1895. Discontinued in 1907. Not uncommon in any of its red or blue iterations, although I have seen fewer blue decks than red. Decks are rarely found in green or brown, but singles in those colors do show up from time to time. Very similar in design elements to Racer No. 1. See a comparison on the Racer No. 1 page.

As with other Bicycle back designs that featured the League of American Wheelmen logo of the wheel with three wings, the Model back was updated to include a four-winged wheel as the central motif in an attempt to make the back design fully symmetrical. The result was the next deck in the sequence, Model No. 2. Visit that page to see how the card designers didn't quite get it right.

To learn more about the League of American Wheelmen logo and its use on Bicycle cards, please see the League page.

A red US8b Model No. 1 deck in EX/NM condition with no box or joker sold on eBay for $111 on October 12, 2016. A blue Model No. 1 sample card sold on eBay for $15 on February 3, 2017 (see the last image, below). A green Model No. 1 single sold on eBay for $58 on February 4, 2017.

  45. Mobile No. 3                                      47. Model No. 2  

A Model No. 1 Sample Card