Introduced in 1893. Discontinued in 1960. The original 1893 US8b issue of this deck lacked the thin white border (see the first two examples, above). Later US8b decks and all issues thereafter feature the white border. Complete decks of the borderless variant are quite rare. League was reissued at some point in the 1980's (I think) and available well into the 1990's. Also issued in 1990 in a box labeled No. 71 Rummy featuring two decks, one purple and one red, with multiple indices on the faces (see the last image, below).

Most early Bicycle designs were updated to be completely symmetrical. The League back is unusual in that its design featured the one-way central winged wheel motif for its entire very long run.

It seems highly likely that "League" refers to the League of American Wheelmen (L.A.W.), a membership organization established in 1880 as an advocacy group for bicyclists, now known as the League of American Bicyclists. Indeed, the central motif on this back design, a bicycle wheel with three wings, is virtually identical to the L.A.W. logo. Many early Bicycle back designs featured this design element (most including the star in the hub that was usually part of the logo), among them Acorn, Emblem, Model No. 1, Racer No. 1, Tangent No. 1, Tri-Tire No. 1, and the joker of the rare Junior No. 21 decks. See two early examples of L.A.W. membership cards, below, as well as a tobacco tin that promotes the League of American Wheelmen.

A blue borderless League single sold on eBay on July 1, 2016 for $50. A red borderless single sold on eBay on September 25, 2016 for $5, a relative bargain, although the borderless cards seem to be more readily available in red. Another red borderless single sold for $3.00 on February 11, 2017. A blue borderless US8b League deck in original box (OB3) sold on eBay for $61 on September 3, 2017.

   34. Lantern No. 2                                          36. Oak Leaf