Issued in 1928. Discontinued in 1943, but revived many years later for a Spades deck (see the first image, below), and a solitaire set. For a back design with such a long run, it is surprisingly (and extremely) hard to find. I have never seen a full Bicycle Eagle deck, much less a box, so I wonder if the issue dates are even accurate. When singles occasionally show up, they may be from one of the Capitol decks that preceded the Bicycle use of the Eagle back (see the last paragraph, below) or from one of the later USPCC reissues. The Spades cards can at least be easily recognized because the indices are in all four corners.

This is a back design that would feel right at home in Andrew Dougherty's Outing card series, which featured backs with different wild animals. See one of the two Outing eagle back designs, below.

A collector friend writes, "In my 1908 sample book, Eagle and Stag backs are both shown as being offered under the Capitol #188 brand which, according to Hochman, was phased out in 1928. This dovetails rather nicely with their subsequent introduction into the Bicycle brand. Given that these two back designs were apparently successful with at least a 20-year run, perhaps, this was USPC's way to extend their sales lives."

   26. Dreadnaught                                       28. Emblem  

Andrew Dougherty's Eagle back from the Outing series