Issued in 1914. Discontinued in 1917. Very rare. In fact, one of the two 2017 singles sold on eBay is the card reproduced above, since I don't have a red Cyclecar single or deck in my collection. I do have a blue deck in its original box and will add a scan of the card and box soon. I have never seen a blue single offered for sale, and red ones are priced well above average at the moment.

What is a cyclecar? According to Wikipedia, a cyclecar was a type of small, lightweight and inexpensive car manufactured mainly between 1910 and the late 1920s (see a few pictures showing some of the variants, below). Cyclecars were characterized by their use of basic materials and fragile engineering and were contrived to fill a gap in the market between the motorcycle and the car. Cyclecars were propelled by single-cylinder, V-twin or more rarely four-cylinder engines, often air-cooled. Sometimes these, and other components such as gearboxes, had been originally used in motorcycles.

Cyclecars were fitted with lightweight bodies, sometimes in a tandem two-seater configuration and usually had minimal comfort and weather protection. They used various layouts and means of transmitting the engine power to the wheels, such as belt or chain drives, often to one rear wheel only to avoid the need for a differential. The rise of cyclecars was a direct result of reduced taxation both for registration and annual licences of lightweight small-engined cars. Their demise was largely due to production economies in the manufacture of more substantial economy cars and the consequent affordability of such vehicles.

A red Cyclecar single sold on eBay for $110 in April of 2016, and another red card sold on eBay for $104 on May 31, 2016. A red Cyclecar sample card sold on eBay for $56 on January 23, 2018. There have been no blue Cyclecar singles or decks offered for sale recently that I am aware of.

  23. Cyclist No. 2                                      25. Diamond Plaid  

This 1914 Buick Cyclecar may be the model pictured on the Cyclecar playing card.

This is a 1919 Smith Flyer Buckboard
This vehicle sold at the Copake Auction, Inc. in Copake, New York (4/22/2017).