Introduced in 1918. This is one of four extremely rare World War I back designs. They were only issued for one year and their rarity suggests that they were never actually released to the public, perhaps because the war ended that same year. Only a handful of complete decks are known to exist today. The other three designs in the series are Dreadnaught, Flying Ace and Invincible.

USPC released an excellent limited edition reproduction of this deck in both red and blue in 2011, complete with a facsimile of the original box (see the promotional card below). The back design on the reissue is slightly reduced in size--the blue card above is from the reproduced deck. The finish on the reissue is Air Cushion (textured), whereas the original Big Gun was issued in Ivory finish (smooth). I believe USPC intended to release the entire War Series, but to date the other three decks have not been reissued.

   14. Automobile No. 2                                       16. Bird