Introduced in 1903. Discontinued in 1919. Not uncommon in red and blue, but extremely rare in green and very rare in brown. I have only seen singles of the latter colors in salesman's sample folders. But, a fellow collector contacted me recently to let me know that he has a complete brown deck in its original box, along with a couple of brown singles that are not from a salesman's sample book. So, that's why I have upgraded the brown version of Automobile No. 1 to "very rare."

Pictured below is an early issue US8d tuck case. Note the small image of the back design printed on the inside flap. Automobile No. 1 is one of five different Bicycle designs that are known to be issued in this special box. For a complete list please visit the US8d page by clicking on the link, above. Automobile No. 1 is also one of a number of Bicycle decks that were offered for sale in the United Kingdom. Click on UK above for more information.

The second image below shows a portion of a salesman's sample folder with the Automobile No. 1 back visible on the upper left. This folder contains a total of 80 cards and is an impressive sight when fully unfolded. These sample folders are not offered for sale very often, and when they are competition for them is usually pretty fierce.

A US8d Automobile No. 1 joker sold on eBay for $70 on October 28, 2016. A US8c Automobile No. 1 ace of spades sold on eBay for $27 on February 11, 2017. A red US8d Automobile No. 1 ace of spades sold on eBay for $10 on March 20, 2017.

  12. Autocycle No. 2                            14. Automobile No. 2