Introduced in 1906. Discontinued in 1919. This updated version of Autocycle appears to depict the same motorized tricycle as its predecessor, Autocycle No. 1.

Not one of the most interesting Bicycle back designs, but quite rare. Mrs. Robinson originally listed this deck as being produced in red and blue only, but I have a copy of her Bicycle card booklet with notations in her own hand correcting the listing to also include brown and green issues. I have a few decks in red, but only blue and brown singles. I had never seen a single card in green until Steve Bowling shared scans of his complete deck. The box is pictured below and on the US8c page.

  11. Autocycle No. 1                                13. Automobile No. 1  

A rare green deck of Autocycle No. 2
From the collection of Steve Bowling