Listed by Mrs. Robinson as having been introduced in 1906 and said to have been discontinued in 1913. But, not even a single card from this deck has ever been seen by me or any other serious Bicycle card collector that I know. It does not appear in any known advertising, promotional material or salesman's sample folders. All seem to agree that it is likely that this back design never went into production. In fact, the image in Mrs. Robinson's book (reproduced above) appears to be a low quality copy, which further supports this theory.

In 2015, Target had exclusive distribution rights for a Bicycle deck that claimed to be "Back No. 9," which was never produced, but the deck they sold (in green and brown versions) was actually Back No. 10, Autobike No. 3 (see the link on the Autobike No. 3 page).

  8. Autobike No. 1                                       10. Autobike No. 3