Introduced in 1904. Discontinued in 1913. Like Auto No. 1, this deck was also called Locomobile for the early part of its run. Click on "US8d" above for more information.

In her pamphlet for Bicycle playing card collectors, Mrs. Robinson only listed this deck in red and blue, but it is consistently included in salesman's sample folders in green and brown as well. I have never seen even a single card in either green or brown that is not from a salesman's folder. See a detail of one of these exquisite folders, below. This example has cards that are pieced together from different colored cards to economically show the color varieties for each back design. The effect is quite marvelous. This style salesman's folder is very rare, especially with the green and brown cards.

Auto No. 2 was one of the back designs marketed in the United Kingdom--click on "UK" above for more information. I have one interesting Auto No. 2 deck from 1899 issued in a UK box with a custom pastedown, identical back and front, over a conventional Bicycle Seconds box, pictured below. This is the only example of such a box that I have ever seen.

In an eBay auction that ended on April 30, 2016 a green Auto No. 2 single from a salesman's sample folder sold for $160 after 36 bids.

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