Introduced in 1901. Discontinued in 1904. First called Locomobile, and the early boxes and at least two different special aces of spades identify the deck as "Locomobile" - click on "US8d" above to see examples of both. But, most Locomobile decks do not have the special Locomobile ace of spades. A hard to find deck, and extremely rare in green or brown. The only examples I have seen of the latter colors are single cards in salesman's sample fold-outs.

Auto No. 1 is one of five different Bicycle designs from this era to have an image of the back design printed inside the top flap. See Autobike No. 1 for a picture of one of these interesting boxes. The "US8D" page lists all five known back designs with this feature.

Pictured below is a ca. 1900 advertisement for Bicycle cards, featuring the "Locomobile" back.

A red Auto No. 1 single in fair to good condition sold on eBay for $30 on November 15, 2016. I expect it would have gone for much more had it been in VG condition or better.

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