Introduced in 1906. Discontinued in 1911. This is one of several Bicycle decks issued in two-color back designs - red & green and blue & brown. Arizona Plaid is an extremely rare deck. Even singles are scarce. For a similar design released at the same time, also see Colorado Plaid. Note: The above images are from a promotional advertisement from the collection of Maxime Heriaud, not the actual cards. Please visit the Colorado Plaid page for an image of the complete advertisement.

A very rare original box is pictured below, courtesy of Steve Bowling.

The final image below shows a few cards from a recent deck produced by Dan and Dave called Vintage Plaid, Arizona Red, now in its second edition. For more information about this deck, please click on the image.

 3. Angel                                                     5. Auto No. 1  

From the collection of Steve Bowling

The Dan and Dave Vintage Plaid "Arizona Red" deck